Backup / Disaster Recovery Services

Automated Disaster Recovery / Backup solutions

Unexpected data loss from hard drive failures, natural disasters, and ransomware attacks pose potential threats to your paramount data. To avoid data loss caused by such unfortunate situations, the 3-2-1 data protection strategy is widely adopted to maintain multiple versions of backup data, thereby providing extra protection in case the current version crashes or gets infected by ransomware.

A 3-2-1 data protection strategy means having at least three data copies, where one copy is stored locally, and the rest are stored on two different devices. For personal users, you may consider adopting this strategy to acquire enterprise-level data protection for your precious memories, such as photos, family videos, and customized albums or choose to keep at least two data copies to ensure data availability. As for business users, it is recommended to follow the 3-2-1 strategy to make sure that all your core business data and critical information are always secure.

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